Toronto Central LHIN Appoints SPRINT Senior Care CEO as North Toronto Community Care Co-Lead

Source: Toronto Central LHIN

Toronto Central LHIN has divided its region into five sub-regions to provide a foundation for the development of local integrated systems to ensure that residents receive better health outcomes. According to Toronto Central LHIN, these local planning areas will assist the Toronto Central LHIN to more effectively plan, evaluate and improve each local health system. This work will be done in consultation and partnership with its residents, patients and health service providers to ensure that the system is responsive to the unique local communities within the city of Toronto. They will use these planning areas as a means to better identify and respond to population need and to better plan together, coordinate and integrate service delivery, and improve population health and equity in health outcomes.  It is important to note that the sub-regions are not service boundaries and will continue to allow for patient choice.

Toronto Central LHIN has appointed SPRINT Senior Care CEO Stacy Landau as the North Toronto Community Care Co-Lead. The Community Care Leads with representation from Community Support Service (CSS) and Community Mental Health and Addictions (CMHA), act as advisors to the Toronto Central LHIN. Leads are responsible for transparent communication, collaboration, and coordination with CSS and CMHA providers across their sub-region and bringing forward the range of perspectives to LHIN-related discussions. These leaders work collaboratively with the Primary Care Clinical Leads, Hospital Resource Partners, and sub-region leads from the Toronto Central CCAC and LHIN.

Further information can be found on Toronto Central LHIN’s website.