SPRINT Senior Care contributes to UHN OpenLab’s story on the detrimental effects of bed bugs on seniors

The Local is a storytelling platform that brings a human dimension to population health data in the Toronto Central LHIN. It tells hyperlocal stories about population health issues and grassroots innovations happening within the Toronto neighbourhoods that make up the LHIN’s five sub-regions.

On Wednesday, November 15, 2017, The Local published a story titled When a Bedbug Problem Snowballs into an Emergency, on how “something as mundane as a bedbug infestation, which might once have been considered a minor public health issue, can quickly snowball into a costly and traumatic ordeal.”

For the story, SPRINT Senior Care contributed our input on the devastating effects infestations can have on seniors in our community.

Earlier this year for a different story by The Local, two SPRINT Senior Care client stories were featured