North Toronto Area Partners a Step Closer to Becoming an Ontario Health Team

We’re excited to announce that patients, families and caregivers, together with health care and community service providers in North Toronto, are a step closer to a new vision for health care. Extensive progress has been made with the Government of Ontario, as well as our partners, in moving towards building an Ontario Health Team for our local community.

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Health announced a new vision for a connected health care system, making it easier for patients, community service clients, and families to navigate the system and transition between providers.

To date, the group has completed a ‘self-assessment submission’ indicating how we will work together to provide integrated care, ensuring patients are supported throughout their entire journey with the health system.

We’re pleased to announce that the North Toronto Health Collaborative Ontario Health Team has been selected to “proceed to full application”. This is the result of significant work and strong collaboration from a number of partners:

We will grow our strategic focus to ensure connected care for all people living in North Toronto as our partnership evolves. For example, for our senior population, we intend to work together to foster a comprehensive approach to care to support seniors to be active, healthy and socially connected.

In October, we will submit the full application for the North Toronto Health Collaborative Ontario Health Team to the Ministry of Health. Along the way, we are committed to continuing to broaden involvement with other agencies and organizations in the area. These strong partnerships are key to ensuring the success of this integrated model of care.

This new model will provide better and more connected care across Ontario. We will keep you informed as we move further along, together with our patients, clients, families, and other health care and community service organizations. Visit North Toronto Ontario Health Team Website