Dementia Care Program Reimagined During Pandemic

Senior with masked PSW

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have temporarily suspended our on-site Adult Day Program (ADP), which has been difficult for our seniors and their families. At the ADP, seniors with physical and cognitive impairments are able to socialize and participate in stimulating programs that are supportive of their individual needs and abilities. 
During this time, we need to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our ADP clients. Recently, we decided to get creative with our program delivery, launching two alternative initiatives in lieu of our in-person Adult Day Program. 
Our virtual exercise classes, created especially for our ADP clients, take place twice a week and are delivered over Zoom video conferencing. Our expert ADP staff lead meaningful programs to help our seniors stay healthy, stimulated, and connected. 
In addition to our virtual programs, we have also introduced in-home visits from our activationists. These staff visit clients in their home and lead them in one-on-one activities including brain games, puzzles, and taking them outside for walks, which ensures that they are getting fresh air and exercise. Clients are loving the activities, and family members, many of whom are the primary caregiver for their loved one, are happy to have a much-needed break.
Since these programs are critical to our clients’ well-being, it was important that we were able to create engaging alternative solutions to our in-person program. While the shift to these programs has been an adjustment for both clients and staff, they are just as meaningful in promoting well-being and encouraging connection during these difficult times of isolation.