Week of Nov 1st

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November 1, 2021(4 events)

Stretch and Strength with Jeff

Tai Chi with Lukas

Beyond the Stories with Lukas

Chair Yoga with Jeff

November 2, 2021(3 events)

Low-Impact Cardio with Lukas

Painting with Watercolours

Afternoons with Lukas

November 3, 2021(3 events)

Tai Chi with Lukas

Mindful Movement & Meditation with Daniel

Concerts & Conversations with Concerts in Care

November 4, 2021(2 events)

Active Fingers Knitting & Crocheting Group

Low-Impact Cardio with Lukas

November 5, 2021(3 events)

Tai Chi with Lukas

Music & Conversations

Energetic QiGong Workout & Meditation with Daniel

November 6, 2021 November 7, 2021